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The Affordable Health Care Act

Get in charge of your health care!


Healthcare reform has changed the way health insurance works. Here are the major changes to the healthcare system that you should know about:


Starting in 2014, every* American or legal resident was required to get health insurance coverage. If you don’t, you will pay a tax penalty at the end of the year. How much? In 2014, you likely only paid about $95 per uninsured person in your family up to $285 for the family. But as of 2016, you could end up paying around $700 per uninsured person depending on the rules for that year and your individual circumstances.

Insurance Options...


Insured Independently
  • You do not have insurance through an employer or a government program.

  • You may buy insurance on the online Health Insurance Marketplace.

  • You may qualify for a subsidy to buy health insurance online.

  • Find out if you qualify for a subsidy today.


Insured through Employer
  • Your employer offers you the chance to buy insurance.

  • If your employer drops you, you may qualify for a subsidy to pay for insurance.

  • If you receive a subsidy, you must buy through the online marketplace.

  • Find out if you qualify for a subsidy today.


  • You may receive a federal subsidy to buy health insurance.

  • Health plans in the Health Insurance Marketplace will have the same basic essential health benefits.

  • Health plans must provide first-dollar coverage for preventive services (non- grandfathered and new plans) when you go to an in-network provider. This means that charges for preventive services do not apply to your deductible.

  • The law prohibits most health plans from placing lifetime limits on coverage and prohibits the use of restrictive annual limits in employer plans and individual plans. All annual limits on coverage for essential benefits will be prohibited in employer plans and individual plans by 2014.

The Insurance Center

At The Insurance Center, we have always worked hard to provide our customers with the insurance they need to access quality, affordable healthcare. As your local, small-town insurance agent, we live and work in your community, and care about you and your family. We pledge to do our best to meet all your insurance needs.

* Except for those who qualify for an exemption based on religious reasons or certain rare circumstances regarding your access to affordable health insurance.

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